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"Winning Business For You"
Sales Expertise

I Will Help Your Business Achieve More Sales

I am a successful business sales specialist with over 26 years selling experience and I will help your business to...

Achieve more sales
Open more doors
Close more deals
Optimise your sales process 
Increase lead generation  
Improve customer retention

If you prefer, I can also sell for you to achieve the results that you require.

My name is Duncan Reid and I am available on a consultancy basis from as little as one day a week to a whole month to a whole year - whatever your requirements.

Specialities include:-

  • new business generation
  • telemarketing
  • cold calling
  • mail shots (also refer to Local Leaflet Drop
  • internet solutions
  • recruitment and team creation
  • sales management (including interim sales manager)
  • presentations
  • quotations
  • negotiation
  • closing
  • account management and customer service
  • debt collection and recovery.

I provide an initial FREE consultation, therefore to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in absolute confidence, please call me on:-

07981 032235

or just email me




Please note that I do NOT work on a commission only basis.


The 4 key sales areas where I can help you perform:-

1.  Planning and Preparation
Selling is a science not an art, therefore by understanding and generating the right framework, then applying the correct formula constantly and consistently, you will succeed.

Identify the target market place.
Understand the sales cycle.
Calculate the sales ratios.
Generate supportive sales tools.
Define the KPI's.
Know your products/services.
Understand your competition.

Launching a new product or service.
A distinct lack of leads.
Need to increase new customers.
Sales team under performing.
Prospect "slippage".
High proportion of sales meetings versus closures.
Brochures and presentations starting to look tired.
Losing deals to the competition.
Need to increase customer penetration.
Lack of "up selling".
Sales team lacking energy and motivation.

2.  Lead Generation
Whilst maintaining a healthy customer base is essential, feeding a constant supply of quality new business into this base is equally important for any company to grow.  Usually this is recognised as the most difficult and time consuming part of selling.  By generating the correct framework will make this easier and more cost effective.

Mail shot preparation.
Cold calling and appointment setting.
Tender and PQQ responses.
Make the internet work for you.
Handling the appointment.
Effective presentations.
Customer penetration.

Low level of leads.
Lack of new business.
New product or service offering.
Low percentage return on mail shot replies.
Lots of cold calling effort and poor results.
Cancelled or "no show" appointments.
Tender of PQQ responses not getting shortlisted.
Lack of internet generated leads.
Low ratio of appointments to quality leads.
Presentations looking tired.
Customer "fall off".

3.  Managing Prospects
Companies spend a lot of time and money generating prospects, therefore managing the sales pipeline effectively and ensuring that they turn into customers is vital.

Forecasting and the sales funnel.
Handling objections.
Effective time management.
SWOT analysis and red flags.
SPIN selling.
Multi level selling.
CRM systems.

Improve budgeting and business scheduling.
Understand and reduce prospect "slippage".
Manage individual sales performance.
Focus on areas of weakness.
Reduce lost prospects.
Increase sales.
Reduce sales cycle time.
Protect your customers and increase penetration.
Improve the quality of appointments.
Better use of information.

4.  Winning and Retaining Customers
It takes a lot to win a new customer, therefore ensuring that they receive the best customer service is essential to keeping them.  Also remember that a sale is never complete until the money is in the bank.

"Make that sale" - closing.
Provide good customer service.
Obtaining regular feedback.
SWOT analysis and red flags.
Managing debtors.
Retrieve "legacy" debt.
Obtain referrals.

Increase levels of new business.
Reduce the sales cycle time.
Better customer retention.
Increase customer penetration.
Know what your customers are thinking about you.
Continual improvement of products and services.
Methods to ensure customers pay on time.
Recovery of old debt to avoid write-off.
A good portfolio makes selling easier.


Sales Expertise